How to Clean the oven without the FUMES!

As you all know, there are many types of cleaning agents out there on the shelves for cleaning the inside of your oven. Below, I will tell you step by step how to clean the oven without using the aweful cleaners that are so bad for your health and to breathe in. So, here we go:

oven20door20open-300x2651. The product- *your favorite green spray cleaner.

*a stainless steel scrubbie. Yes, the kind you get from walmart in the cleaning section.

*your favorite abrasive cleaner (equal to vim) you can substitute this with a mixture of lemon, baking soda, water

*about 5 cloths or paper towels

2. Open your oven take out the racks. Spray the entire inside of the oven with your green spray. Spread your abrasive cleaner around the oven door (I do the door first so I don’t have to lean over it and get messy for the rest of the oven.

3. Scrub the entire door with the stainless steel scrubbie until the splatter and other marks ALL come off. The rust looking marks should come off if you are scrubbing hard enough.

4. Wipe the oven door down with a cloth and spray it again with your green spray. Keep spraying and wiping until there are no streaks left behind.

5. Repeat all above steps with the inside of the oven, starting on the top and back, then the sides, and finishing with the bottom. Spray the entire inside of the oven after and wipe clean.

I hope everyone who reads this has success in cleaning their oven. Next week I will post HOW TO CLEAN BETWEEN THE GLASS OF YOUR OVEN DOOR

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